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Who We Are

complex yet carefully designed structures

Craig and Martin created Occupi Online with the sole aim of helping accommodation providers to increase direct bookings and profits. Our mission is to give you freedom from paying high commissions by implementing direct marketing techniques that work for you.

We call our strategy the Guest Direct Method and it gives you back the profit margins you deserve.

Meet Our Guest Direct Method

The process we use to keep costs low and return on investment high
Stage 1 - Review Canvas

Full diagnostics

You are unique and so is your target market so we look deeply into what is working and what elements of the Guest Direct method you need.
Stage 2 - Revenue Magnets


To create a seamless direct booking process your guests will love, we fine tune what you have or implement the missing parts.
Stage 2 - Result Boosters

Increasing results rapidly

This is where we open the flood gates to direct bookings and increase revenue rapidly, so you get peak season profits all year round.

Meet the Founders

Occupi Online is the brainchild of founders Martin Rodgers and Craig Stanley who have the vision of helping hospitality owners to create a constant flow of guests without them being held hostage to high commission charges.

Martin Rodgers

With two decades of managerial experience to his name, Martin has always been at the heart of a successful team. Since 2009 he has taken his skills and applied them to the development of small business enterprises and helped them increase revenue and customer retention rates.

After working at Recommended Hotels for nearly 10 years, Martin can now be found at Occupi HQ designing and implementing new strategies for the business and clients.

Craig Stanley

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Craig has acquired and refined skills to ensure clients receive optimum results. With these skills, Craig successfully project managed the creation of a channel manager as well as the implementation, distribution and training to a broad client base.

He is now responsible for managing and exceeding expectations as well as guaranteeing value for money is achieved.

Away from the office, Craig can also be found cycling the trails of Derbyshire, watching football or attending music gigs.

Out Trusted Partners

Carefully selected partners that allow us to increase your revenue rapidly

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